Sweet Soldier of Dawn

How are you,

My sweet soldier of dawn

Don't break the rules like a ruthless pawn

For in this war we cannot win

Neither lose without a grin


But if you run

and forget to smile as you are

You'll find yourself locked up in the bar

With nothing but remorse and fears

Of time and the passing of years





Coming Your Blues

Often have I spoken the words of truth
Never have they sacrificed my innocence of youth
You came by, threatening my life to be dull
Contemplating with moral; crushing my skull

I am not bound to your sacred rules
They who are must be red-eyed fools

For my spirit is free, never to be
Victim of you, even when blue

Goodbye must be spoken quick
Before you catch me with a dirty trick
Consider me dead. My veins are running;
With imagination and love so stunning

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